Apron ON

Apron on.

Not a stained silly looking, droll quote on it apron. NO. That’s just not my style. I’m more prone to splashing a really nice sweater than to wear an apron. But, my daughter sewed one for me that’s off the fashion edge. I love it even despite not being an apron wearer.

For this project, tying on this apron on is my meditative start. When I close my eyes and look inside, anything becomes possible. What I dream and what I want to be real can be one in the same. I can become a better baker.

So the project begins. I baked my opener. Appropriate to the occasion, Maida offered this brownie recipe in her introduction as a little extra present. It’s not even a part of the actual book’s collection, but brownies are like her signature. She writes ahow she ususally had brownies in her purse, wrapped in cellophane distributing them throughout her day.

So no turning back, no giving up. I’m not sure how long it will take but I’m going to keep baking making no ingredient substitutions, following every instruction detail.

My final dilemma is what to do with all that I bake. If the deliciousness of these brownies is any indication, I hope to spread around some sweetness on my journey.

I’m searching for places to donate. I would love to know if you have any ideas… please write me if you do!

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