Carrot Loaf

I forgot to take a photo of this cake.

I know the reason was related to my frustration. I burnt this cake and I am confused as to why. If my oven was too hot, then the thermometer that I use inside my oven to check the temperature must be broken. If it was in the oven for too long, then Maida’s time would be off because I set a timer and took it out at 55 minutes and she says bake for 55-60 minutes. I really don’t think Maida’s time is off, she’s just too perfect for that. But I am angry with myself because the smell should have told me to check on it to make sure it was not getting too brown. Maida says to remove when a tester comes out dry and I certainly could have tested to see as I smelled that it was cooking too long.

So, the cake still tasted fine, but the edges were just too dry and dark. I tried to trim them, but then the slices didn’t look right. I had just made another cookie recipe that also burned on the edges and this was over the top and frustrating. I have no one to ask and I am concerned about my oven temperature accuracy. It makes me want to stop baking for a while. Hopefully this will not last and more than that, I am praying that the oven that I love will not let me down.

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