Chocolate Cracks

I wore my lucky apron the day I baked these cookies.

Maida wrote nothing about them, no introduction, no notes, no story. They’re the last recipe in the cookie-jar cookies chapter, sitting there like an after-thought. I made them because they seemed simple and the yield was high. I was looking for something my daughter could take to a school party.
I had no clue how I would love them. Love them because they are easy to make. Love them because they are rich chocolaty moist thins of a cookie. Love them most because they gave me inspiration and ideas for my herbal bake shoppe baking.

I’m still beginning my journey to better baking by practicing through Maida Heatter’s Book of Great Desserts. In the back of my mind, this little curiosity always searches for hope that baking with herbs will be possible. Past experience has sometimes failed with cookies a real problem. I’ve wanted to add liquids or syrups or something different from a powdered spice like cinnamon, but struggled with the how. Here in these chocolate cracks an answer was unveiled. Butter and chocolate are melted together with water, water that could easily be replaced with a strong tea. This opens a world of herbal cookie possibilities, as long as the tea flavoring blends well.

There has been other inspiring ideas and I’m excited by the thought of how many will come. And all the while, I’m practicing. That feels hopeful.

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