Coffee Walnut Loaf

I live in a summer resort town on the Jersey shore. Seven years ago, I moved here with my children into a house that was built in 1905 and that I had rented to summer vacationer families. We’ve done our best to make it our home. It took a while and some winter nights when the island wind is howling, I still feel like I have a long way to go before I’m comfortable here. But in the summer when the streets fill up with laughing beach people, I’m glad I have my sanctuary. Also, that I completely remodeled my kitchen, because I can retreat there any time I choose.

And I can bake for the sometimes endless stream of family and friend visitors. The afternoon before my favorite cousins were leaving, I thought what can I bake for them to take on their 7 hour drive home. I didn’t want to go to the crowded supermarket and I didn’t want it to be messy. It’s a good feeling to be able to bake something with limited effort and no out of the ordinary ingredients. I also think I found a perfect long drive cake because the huge amount of coffee must be a plus.

It amazes me that in this cookbook of great desserts, Maida has balanced crazy, fancy cakes with simple, delicious cookies and breads like this one.

Wish I took a photo of it all wrapped up for its ride.

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