Gin Ice Cream

Maida dedicates a whole chapter to ice creams, made without an ice cream maker, all of them. She explains that they are creamy and may develop ice crystals if left in the freezer for more than one day. Obviously, making ice cream is not baking, but I believe my quest to become better at baking by working through every recipe in this book can benefit from trying the ice cream recipes. I chose this one because I am still thinking about possibilities to use alcohol based herbal extractions and the use of gin enticed me. This wasn’t hard, involved preparing custard, a totally baking relevant task and was certainly creamy. The gin seemed to impart an aftertaste (definitely lessened by the strawberry garnish which Maida recommends). I’m not sure I feel excited about trying the others, but I will eventually especially since it is summer right now. And I do think there is herbal addition potential here.

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