Oatmeal Cookies

The majority of Maida’s recipes call for sifted flour. This is tripping me up because I have become addicted to weighing instead of measuring dry ingredients. My dilemma is how much does a cup of sifted flour actually weigh? Even unsifted flour weights are surrounded in controversy. Sifting adds air to the flour and makes it lighter, so obviously it weighs less. I found one source, which defined a cup of sifted flour as 114g, which is what I have been using. But that’s much less than the 125-140 grams for unsifted flour and I’m always wondering if I have enough.

These cookies were delicious, but falling apart moist. Was this because there wasn’t enough flour or was it because I added too much of the raisin soaking liquid? I think I will have to make them again to find out. In the meantime, I seem to let the scale tip a bit high for flour measurements and so far, it seems to work out. But that is not exact enough for secure results so in my own recipes I have to keep perfect notes and this brings me to how to recreate if I am not being exact. I wish I had Maida to ask.

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