Peaches and Cream Rum Cake

Peaches spell summer, even with their fuzzy coat. I live in a summer Jersey shore resort town that overflows with people from June to September. The quiet and aloneness transforms to visitors everywhere, every day and includes friends and family. I like it but it also feels a little overwhelming all at once unbalanced. This year, it is giving me reason to bake. A lot.

My closest cousins love it here and came for summers long before I was even born. One of my very opinionated favorites described to me on a last visit his ‘eating fruits when in season plan’. It was early July and he said it was too early for peaches. This discussion happened after I had purchased some for this cake that were locally grown and looked pretty nice. I side stepped my self-conscious maybe these peaches won’t taste good feeling and made this cake anyway. He loved it and said nothing of in season, early season, what kind of peaches are they anyway. Thank you, Maida. You are truly the queen.

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