Yogurt Cake

I’m not sure about this cake. I can’t grasp what makes it a great dessert. Is it because it has yogurt as a moistening ingredient? One thing I am noticing about Maida’s cakes involves many flavored with lemon zest. Lemon or orange. Perhaps this was a favorite flavor for Maida. She also seems to love chocolate cake more than vanilla and lots of nuts — nuts big quantities appear everywhere. I wonder – do these ingredients frequently reoccur because she loved them, because of the time (early 70’s) when this book was published, or is it that they truly are the makers of the greatest desserts?

While these questions go unanswered, I ponder on this cake. The plain, pound cake like texture, and splash of lemon seem to spell afternoon tea or morning coffee. I would make it again for a brunch or breakfast party. I think this even though at the moment I am not hosting at all. Otherwise, its just a plain old cake, made with yogurt.

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