I have no idea why Maida would call these mulattos. It seems right now to be a bit politically incorrect, but also the name doesn’t appear to describe the cookies at all. They are deeply, rich chocolate cookies packed with chocolate chips and walnuts. I can’t figure out how that would relate to what I know of the word meaning that I don’t think has any place as a cookie name.

In her defense, in other cookbooks, she calls these Chocolate Dreams and Chocolate Whoppers. Whoppers, I think because they are supposed to be very big. I actually made them much smaller and yielded more cookies than the recipe stated.

I have to take into consideration that Maida lived in a different time and she collected recipes from all over and everywhere. So, perhaps this could explain the origin of the name. Regardless, they are amazing, addictive, and worth a name change for sure! I choose Chocolate Dreams.

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